Exploring Woody Allen in OLRs – Part 2

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“Annie Hall” seems to me to be the grandfather of most romantic comedies, even the true womb from whence “When Harry Met Sally” came.  It’s fast and acid-talking, it’s hilarious, and it’s wry in its commentary about actors, relationships, and society. Alvy’s running commentary about LA is priceless. Again, none of the striking photography of  “Manhattan” ,  but it makes it up for its ample of use of off-screen dialogue, wide shots of characters talking until they come closer to the camera, and the tight two-shot while walking. In short, Woody Allen-ness.

It was sad to see Alvy create the woman he wanted in Diane Keaton’s character, and then lose it. But that’s how life is.

To own and watch again and again.

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