Something Familiar

I cough, I pant
My vision blurs
There are two lines
between my feet
Two lines, then two drops
then three
then four
There’s a distant sky in front of me
My vision blurs
Four, then endless drops
The sky receives howls
It’s still and thick
The howls circle until they are mute
My hand clutches so hard
A dozen memories suddenly fling together
They eye each other with confusion
‘You look familiar’
This is familiar,
This is heartbreak.


Sunk Out of Sight

My North and South poles have sunk out of sight

I’m floating and drifting and veering

Due North, the inescapable abyss where I wept alone

Due South, a wake where my slain love slept on her own

Clouds feather my feet

Water whisks my hair

In my eyes, the last soil kept

My North and South poles have found love,

They have sunk out of sight.