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“Writing becoming a weapon against your demons rather than anything else?” Dr Wakeley said, letting his tone droop.


Justice, she looks tattered and battered, it seems
Her genitals ravaged by vice
Her eyes worn out from might

Sleeping (a haiku)

i was floating, see deep in sleep blue seas, see the sea ate my raft.

Det öppna kontoret

Deras historia började i köket på kontoret, det första ögonblicket mellan Kristian och Sandra, och det slutade också i köket när Kristian kom in med en blombukett och ett barnsligt kärleksfullt leende leende, och såg sin älskares vackra familj. Han tittade med ett förkrossat hjärta på Sandra och sitt gulliga dotter. Hon förstod ingenting i…


It’s a heavy set enemy lying face down on your chest Arms wrapped around your body like a vice Teeth dug into your forehead Tongue flaying about in your brain Every fifteen seconds like clockwork he vomits like clockwork tick tock shame tick tock fear It’s happening every fifteen seconds in this makeshift coffin


still locked, clearly still

The Unabridged Book of Genesis: Chapters 1-3

1. All the creation in the garden didn’t find it surprising anymore the daily cataclysms of energy that brought about a new addition to their world. But today, there were crashing tones, melodies, the wind being played like flutes by slender fingers of haze, hundreds of them sounding off, their melodies cleaving together, wind and…