A Mind’s Narrative Before the End

I see nothing but a closed door, The people inside have strangled me. I regret not stabbing myself the first time around the forgettable fart that I am Oh, death Come to me and hold my hand Let’s go to your place I know the walk of shame My death will sweep in more worthy…

How to Medicate

Wherever I go, Which ever passport I carry, No matter which accent I speak with, No matter what God I believe in, I’m a sandnigger to people.


Stab me I won’t hear the skin punctured Hold me The smog inside dulls my skin Talk to me The noise inside strains you to a drone So bury me Let me lie as I’ve lived If you kiss me Let me say: I couldn’t feel your lips. This poem was first published on the…

For Two

There was a cruel cackle and a raucous roar as I slayed my winnowing, wailing child for two, the broken and the lucid There sounded a cruel cackle and a raucous roar as I burned a poor, pure man at the stake for two, the broken and the lucid There blew a cruel cackle and…

I Live Here

Descend down the stairs Keep to the right The walls breathe rot a broken lamp on the left The geyser sputters ice There is no shelter for visitors There are no smiles for visitors The heating’s cold This is despair I live here Mind the gap and don’t slip on my ice This poem appeared…

One-line Review – “Hail, Caesar!”

Hail, Caesar! is frivolous with all the trademarks of the Cohen brothers style, not lacking a moreish quality to watch again, but definitely not to own or cherish.

Welcome the Impact

“Writing becoming a weapon against your demons rather than anything else?” Dr Wakeley said, letting his tone droop.


Justice, she looks tattered and battered, it seems
Her genitals ravaged by vice
Her eyes worn out from might

Sleeping (a haiku)

i was floating, see deep in sleep blue seas, see the sea ate my raft.