Another Sigh While In Agony

I will walk
Fresh geysers will pop at my footsteps
There will be no laughter
I earned me some silence
One day people walk in on your birth…

As My Bones Ached

I called and he didn’t answer
I called and he didn’t get back
I still heard him laugh
short chilly chuckles
As my bones ached

I Miss You

I don’t see you anymore
My wounds have no balm
My ears hear only my words
Come back
And spare me the agony
of walking to your grave

The Creases

The creases in my hands
number the string of nights
in wait over her response

The Night the Storm Came

The night the storm came
We were not prepared
The sails were fortified
and the timbre treated
But the storm came
and it blew you into my…

For My Country

When the anthem plays
I have to stop the harmony at the door
and ask myself if I should let it in
I have some pride and I get some chills…

This Place is Us

Come here, this place is fetal
There are no ruffles in these sheets
It’s a shelter built with my arms

The Guilty Knife

Please open the window
I’m drenched and my nipples are burning
The banging will stop if you open the window
My last words will change your…