Me and the Water

I lounged in the pool
While the water watched me
A serene smile from his eyes
As I could feel my arms lather, lather, lather
make whipped…

Writeup of June #Sthlmtech session

I attended the monthly #Sthlmtech session last night and watched three startups (Glance, Lunar Way, Happy Tails) pitch live to EQT Ventures. The meetup connects startups to investors. My notes below: Introductions Sam Cole, KnC Miner: You have to listen to VC’s Good regular communication with VC’s Raise more cash Have a strong team EQT…

Tweet from the commandline with Rainbowstream

I was searching for Twitter clients for the commandline the other day and I found Rainbowstream. It’s an excellent tool; this is some serious software right here. You can view images. Images! Images on the CLI… Check out the docs and give it a shot. If not Rainbowstream, what CLI clients do you use for…

A Dream for a Day

I lived a dream for a day
Woke up in its grip the next day
Choked on the ether for another day
Now wanting it all again for another two…

My Dev Stack (or, welcome to my tech blog)

Hai! Welcome to my tech blog on This is my second post (I wrote a short post about Facebook’s Messenger app for Android a few days ago) and I wanted to introduce myself, along with my dev stack. I’ve been a web developer for the past eight years. My work has been primarily in PHP/MySQL…

Search on Facebook Messenger for Android

I never understood why the app hid the search function behind the new message button. Glad the search bar is at the top again, with the redesign in the latest update.