A Letter to Jennifer Aniston

Watching several episodes of Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel reminded me of something I wanted to send to her when I was in high school.

On Living

I strive to write as if I’m on death row, with the execution in two hours, and my sentence decrees that all work must be burnt on my end.

For My Country

When the anthem plays
I have to stop the harmony at the door
and ask myself if I should let it in
I have some pride and I get some chills…

This Place is Us

Come here, this place is fetal
There are no ruffles in these sheets
It’s a shelter built with my arms

The Guilty Knife

Please open the window
I’m drenched and my nipples are burning
The banging will stop if you open the window
My last words will change your…

This Bar Needs Better Lighting

The last thing I noticed
is the vodka spritzer in your hand
As you lowered yourself down
like your wings were just made gossamer

Three’s Island

The height and breadth is enough for me
I have chains for veins, I’m alone in this galley
Home vanished three hundred miles ago
My sunny…

Only Love at This Height

as I fly, my shoulders stay warm
by this blanket of light
a heart beat becomes a breath
unfolding through the blanket’s glow
there’s no end…