Another Sigh While In Agony

I will walk
Fresh geysers will pop at my footsteps
There will be no laughter
I earned me some silence
One day people walk in on your birth…

As My Bones Ached

I called and he didn’t answer
I called and he didn’t get back
I still heard him laugh
short chilly chuckles
As my bones ached

I Miss You

I don’t see you anymore
My wounds have no balm
My ears hear only my words
Come back
And spare me the agony
of walking to your grave

The Creases

The creases in my hands
number the string of nights
in wait over her response

The Job Search as Fire

We like to use spatial metaphors for matters pertaining to work, money, and employment — the process, the journey, the ways, the search. It…

A Sigh While Agonizing

It’s another day
my heart has drowned in blood
I think that’s a scream
Ripping through my throat