Planted in Blue

Water filling my sight
Sitting planted in blue
of air and wet.

The water in my eyes
and the water in my being
and the water before me
finally embraced.


I’m Resting

The wind was fierce
I was close
to be swept and pierced

Hurling through wind
as I gasped
nearing old sin

Tumble weed I was
but I rest
As tumble weed does

A Mind’s Narrative Before the End

I see nothing but a closed door,

The people inside
have strangled me.

I regret not stabbing myself
the first time around
the forgettable fart
that I am

Oh, death
Come to me and hold my hand
Let’s go to your place
I know the walk of shame

My death will
sweep in more worthy life
There you go.
Open the door
I see the staff
Now, impale me
And let me exhale
all the death inside



This poem was first published on Invisible Illness and is part of a series called ‘The Suicide Diaries’.


Stab me
I won’t hear the skin punctured
Hold me
The smog inside dulls my skin
Talk to me
The noise inside strains you to a drone
So bury me
Let me lie as I’ve lived
If you kiss me
Let me say:

I couldn’t feel your lips.

This poem was first published on the online publication Invisible Illness.

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For Two

There was a cruel cackle
and a raucous roar
as I slayed my winnowing, wailing child
for two, the broken and the lucid

There sounded a cruel cackle
and a raucous roar
as I burned a poor, pure man at the stake
for two, the broken and the lucid

There blew a cruel cackle
and a raucous roar
as I held myself haughty hostage
for two
I, the broken and I, the lucid

This poem appeared first on the online publication Invisible Illness.

I Live Here

Descend down the stairs
Keep to the right
The walls breathe rot
a broken lamp on the left

The geyser sputters ice
There is no shelter for visitors
There are no smiles for visitors
The heating’s cold

This is despair
I live here
Mind the gap
and don’t slip on my ice

This poem appeared first on the online publication Invisible Illness.


Justice, she looks tattered and battered, it seems

Her genitals ravaged by vice
Her eyes worn out from might

But she has a smile sown into her heart
That a scythe or tongue cant reach.
But she has a little fire stoked in a nook
That a prying eye cant breach.

Justice may be nude and appears forlorn
But she is fed by the random
And made strong by her captor’s hubris.



It’s a heavy set enemy
lying face down on your chest

Arms wrapped around your body
like a vice

Teeth dug into your forehead
Tongue flaying about in your brain

Every fifteen seconds
like clockwork
he vomits
like clockwork

tick tock

tick tock

It’s happening every fifteen seconds
in this makeshift coffin


still locked, clearly still

i thought it was growing, i thought it was going
but still it is

still, really still it is

to get off the plane and ascend our hill
a dream, that vision still in my mind

now not still, but still

to reach the top and find a kiss or a word or a sentiment
the heart yearning for a moment, but still is what it got in the end

still, my heart has grown still
still, her heart is still

to look deeply into her eyes, stand still at night
to know we’re together on our hill

still, that dream is still

apathetic, she said, her voice, a ring and gentle chuckle
i banter and she laughs, and still

it’s all still. still, she and I still.

there was no hill, there was no journey
it was just a path wiped out by unsure feet

but the language now still, clear, still.

Back on the plane with no security in tow. still no horizon ahead other than still hearts

still hearts, still very far away.