An Actor’s Actor

A very well-written article about one of my favorite female acctresses, Jennifer Connelly about her new film with Joaquen Phoenix, Reservation Road.

” Most young mothers can’t even contemplate their children’s death, let alone spend weeks acting out the scenario under hot lights with a film crew watching. “I absolutely thought about it,” she says, “especially when I was about two days into it and I was like, What am I doing? Why am I here? What was I thinking making this film, this subject matter? I guess it’s like why we watch horror films or films that scare us. I’m not even going to pretend to know why we put ourselves through such things, but I suppose it’s a controlled environment in which to experience emotions that come up, unfortunately, in life. This film looks at the fallout of grief and loss and the need to act out, and revenge and where that comes from. Who responds that way. I thought that part of it was interesting.”

It’s fascinating and inspiring at the same time. And I feel when I make it slowly into the acting game, I want to work on the same intellectual and cognitive level she seems to do.

Do read the article, it talks about Joaquin Phoenix dubbing Jennifer “an actor’s actor” because of her deep technical knowledge and methodology for going about her work.

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