OLRs – from A Delta Flight

“Broken Embraces” again. Awesome, sublime. Even on a second viewing when you know how it ends.

“Cairo Time”. Don’t waste your time on this. Couldn’t get past 10 minutes. So crap. Alexander Siddiq can’t even muster a few phrases in Egyptian. And Patricia Clarkson looks like she’s just woken up. A unnecessary excuse for a film.

“Coco and Igor”. Excellent film if not often it becomes about two tortured artists walking around looking morose. But cinematography and acting par excellence. Very arthouse, slow moving, but worth the watch.

“Greenberg”. Molasses pace, but interesting. Cringeworthy performance from Ben Stiller. But insightful. There are lots of people out there who are not glam or ‘cool’, but they go through all the problems of humanity too. If you can get through it, watch it.

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