Don’t Slay Me

Message me tonight

Tell me that you can’t do it

because I want to tell you

That there’s a riot going on in my heart

voices hoarse because of you

my heart sore because there’s no you

bringing peace to the disorder

I dream about moving hair away from your eyes

I want to look into them

and see where my place is in them

You told me to surrender

and I have

I have acquiesced to you, the impostor

You may come now into this old hardened castle

with rotten moats and dying doors

Don’t slay me unless you’re going to kiss me

Don’t end me unless you will fall into my arms to celebrate

Don’t smother me unless you will pour sex into my pores

Don’t bury me unless you carve your bed into my chest

I publish on Mondays and Wednesdays poems, short stories, and personal essays.


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