My Dev Stack (or, welcome to my tech blog)

this is not me, but I am also with baldness.

Hai! Welcome to my tech blog on This is my second post (I wrote a short post about Facebook’s Messenger app for Android a few days ago) and I wanted to introduce myself, along with my dev stack.

I’ve been a web developer for the past eight years. My work has been primarily in PHP/MySQL and front-end development. I dabbled in journalism and data journalism in the last two years. I am now back in full-time development, but I still get itchy feet for open data and some investigations in data-driven stories.

I’m on Ubuntu 16.04, using Atom as my editor (I fall back into vi sometimes because it taste so gud) and nginx. I’m on PHP 7 and PostgreSQL for backend work.

It would be great to know you in the comments below. Introduce yourself and your dev stack. Let’s talk shop!

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