Writeup of June #Sthlmtech session

I attended the monthly #Sthlmtech session last night and watched three startups (Glance, Lunar Way, Happy Tails) pitch live to EQT Ventures. The meetup connects startups to investors.

My notes below:


Sam Cole, KnC Miner:

  • You have to listen to VC’s
  • Good regular communication with VC’s
  • Raise more cash
  • Have a strong team

EQT Ventures team are looking for digitally disruptive products from software companies.

Startups will benefit from strong tech team and postfunding support.

  • Team is more important than product in early stages of startup.

Together is EQT’s match-making service for startups and investors.

The team’s favorite words during pitches:

AI, machine learning, traction, product, market, metric positive unit metrics, demo, customers, I’m too busy to meet you guys

… Least favorite words:

Exit strategy, we’ve outsourced dev, strategy, constant use of I, overusing words that you dont understand

The pitches

Glance – simplify your data the autopilot for your business

  • Thoughts from investors, mid-pitch: “put yourself in customers shoes, good outline of problem, there are a hundred of these solutions out there,put data in context”
  • Good solid pitch, good touches, USP is slack bot and alexa skill, confident speaker

Happy Tails – connecting dog lovers

  • 520 million dogs registered worldwide
  • 2.2million active users for 2020
  • Fullstack team, two apps released, looking for developers
  • investor brain: “what is the size of the market? are those actual dog names? what part of the market do you want to start?”
  • Tyler: “you never know what the investor is looking at in your presentation
  • energy and passion is needed in the product

Lunar Way – banking without the license

  • Danish company, 9 months old
  • Banking as a commodity
  • Fb bot inside Messenger, nifty
  • Investor brain thoughts: “primary or secondary bank for your customers?”
  • Goal is to become a bank
  • Established marketing and products
  • Don’t have a oneliner… “Tinder for Banking”


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