still locked, clearly still

i thought it was growing, i thought it was going
but still it is

still, really still it is

to get off the plane and ascend our hill
a dream, that vision still in my mind

now not still, but still

to reach the top and find a kiss or a word or a sentiment
the heart yearning for a moment, but still is what it got in the end

still, my heart has grown still
still, her heart is still

to look deeply into her eyes, stand still at night
to know we’re together on our hill

still, that dream is still

apathetic, she said, her voice, a ring and gentle chuckle
i banter and she laughs, and still

it’s all still. still, she and I still.

there was no hill, there was no journey
it was just a path wiped out by unsure feet

but the language now still, clear, still.

Back on the plane with no security in tow. still no horizon ahead other than still hearts

still hearts, still very far away.


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